I love this book!
With Cricket as the underlying theme, the author has managed to weave an enchanting story of romance, adventure, magic, espionage, dangerous escapades and some light hearted humour. It was really a fun book to read and will appeal to cricket lovers, especially those in India and Pakistan.

The author has also managed to educate this reader about cricket and its history in an informative, yet entertaining way.

I would love to see this book made into a movie, where Bollywood meets Hollywood!.

George Artz
NSW – Australia


It’s a tale of great love, of history, of murder and intrigue and heroism all wrapped up in a bit of magic. And most importantly it’s a tale of the national sport, and the dark side we don’t see when we’re watching a one-dayer or a test from the comfort of our armchair at home.

Dantes’ love and in-depth knowledge of the game is evident as he weaves his tale through wickets, losses and wins. A heart-warming read for a good cause for all those who like an old-fashioned adventure with some sporting information and history to boot.

Alexia Santamaria
Auckland – New Zealand



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