Book Summary

Cricket Maiden

Match-fixing in cricket has plagued the noble game since it’s infancy. A championship match finals in 1810 is fixed, and the bride of the star batsman is murdered over a magical cricket bat that scores runs at will, which the match-fixers are after.

Fast forward 2010. Twenty-twenty cricket, with it’s sheer weight of popularity and wealth, has dominated cricket across the subcontinent and the world. An experimental match between the Amateurs XI and a Professional XI takes place, organized by the billionaire Dawson brothers. The coach gets mysteriously murdered after the first match. Worse, the star batsman, Amay Indulkar, loses his batting form, after scoring a century at Lords, and apparently losing his childhood sweetheart.

Cricket’s biggest whodunnit takes place, and search for the magic bat is revived. It takes detective Landon Beau and Bob Davidson, in the backstreet alleys of Manchester, the forests of India, and leads to the eventual razor sharp final of the third and final Twenty twenty match.

Through Landon’s passionate romance with Amelia Kanowski, the international Amateurs consisting of cricketers from all Test playing nations, the terrifying eight foot speechless assassin Slocum, the 21st century match-fixer Adam, the secretary robot, suspended animation, and a reincarnation, a this story is a reminder, that the spirit of cricket is greater than anyone in the game.


3 Responses to Book Summary

  1. Sufian Ahmad says:

    it is a nice novel,by reading summary i come to know that this novel base on IPL and English county series.

  2. Ihtesham says:

    hw can i get it?

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